Special Adventures

A place where people with disabilities can gather


Come and connect with old friends and meet new people at our

 judgement-free, discrimination-free events. 

Did You Know?


Our volunteers are the backbone of our Organization and the hard work they do to prepare the Special Adventures events is appreciated by us all! 

But did you know? Once children with special-needs become adults, free activities to socialize with their peers are rare opportunities. 

Most special needs adults lack the funds to enjoy the simple activities we take for granted. Most adults with disabilities live in group homes, foster care settings

 or on their own with guardian supervision. While a portion of the community with special-needs may be able to make a decent wage, many earn only a small 

amount, while still others must use any income earned, along with their SSI benefits as a contribution for their housing. This leaves most of them approximately 

$100.00 per month for all their personal needs such as shampoo, toothpaste, clothing, etc.  Our monthly events create a boost in their self-esteem that have a positive 

effect on their social skills.  

Celebrity Guest Becomes Volunteer


 Special Adventures hosted a Prom for adults with special-needs. A 

surprise guest created a buzz of excitement and added delight to an already spectacular event. After meeting with all the people attending the dance, as well as the volunteers, Miss Minnesota International joined in and worked to assist attendants at the Hair and Makeup Station. Hannah, Miss Minnesota International believes in our cause, to bring more opportunities to adults with special-needs in our communities, and is now helping to shine a light on our Organization. 



Special Adventures mission is to provide FREE, fun and safe events for adults with special-needs. There are no other organizations that put on free events for this population on a monthly basis. Our events give them something to look forward to, as well as help everyone feel like part of a community. Special Adventures hopes to fill a void by furnishing FREE events allowing special-needs adults to connect with 

their peers in a social setting, creating a culture of inclusion and improving their 

quality of life.